Weekly Update June 7

This week’s update covers the LaMelo Ball launch, community contributions, news on our community grants program, confirmation of the Pristine snapshot, and MoonPay integration.

Weekly Update June 7

LaMelo Launch

A lot of our efforts this week went into the LaMelo Ball launch. Our team provided all of the architecture to realize this project short of building the basketball court itself. This included the smart contracts, the sale page front and back end, a native wallet, an FAQ page, the card design (with artworks provided by LaMelo’s team), a dedicated Discord server, developing the conceptual design of the project as well as coordinating an implementation plan for the cards’ dynamic properties and rewards. This is a model that we plan to be using for similar partnership with public figures in the future, and it utilizes many aspects of the tools that we’ve been creating for the Ether Cards platform. We’re looking forward to witnessing the moment when the Chainlink oracles go live once the sale is finished on June 25.

Our community member @John has been serving as admin on LaMelo’s Discord server, and @badrobotgreen.eth, @Empath Acrobat, @savethedanimals, @kbetz, @schoad and @Johnny (No Forge) Bull have been serving as mods. This launch drew a lot of people who are new to crypto, and as “coaches” the mods made sure people knew how to participate in the project and helped on-board newcomers into the world of dynamic NFTs.

A number of Ether Cards owners have taken advantage of the discounts detailed in our previous post. The Dust token is being developed as a further way for cardholders to participate in the value of partnerships, and is in the final phase of its design.  

Community Contributions

In addition to the Discord contributions, we’d also like to thank @linehacker for the Ether Cards t-shirts, which you can see Andras wearing in the most recent AMA. They are awesome, and we're planning to do more merchandise just like this.

@0gz#4874 wrote a great article about Ether Cards, “Connecting the Dots for Mass Adoption” published on @thundersonic’s 0xfiles.

@Bacha made a French translation of that article as well as a French translation of the ether.cards landing page, also published on 0xfiles.

@Maxether.eth wrote this great thread on Twitter about the difference between LaMelo’s dynamic NFT collection and Top Shot.

Community Grants

We’ll be starting to take proposals for our community grants program this week. If you’d like to prepare, then you can consider:

- What is the main objective of your proposal?

- What are the milestones and tasks?

- What are the costs for your project?

For right now, we would like to request proposals for developing games that can be played with Ether Cards, for instance using the Explorer grid. This will be the first priority.

We have noticed a number of community members have done extensive work growing the Ether Cards ecosystem and at the end of this week Andras will announce members who have already made important contributions and we would like to recognize their efforts with a wave of Founder Card awards.

All cards distributed will be selected at random by the Ether Cards team. Terms and conditions apply.

As the Ether Cards project expands, awards, grants, and community rewards will change and will not always occur as Founder Cards.


The snapshot for Pristine status has been confirmed for all cards held without moving wallets until June 1. Cards that are moved from now on will lose Pristine status, but will still be guaranteed the extra Limited Edition Trait slot, one of the most important Pristine benefits.


As mentioned in the last Weekly Update, Ether Cards is partnering with a fiat on-ramp solution provider to enable the purchase of crypto assets, including NFTs, with credit cards as well as ApplePay and GooglePay.  Since the partnership is cleared, we can now say officially: It is MoonPay. In the very near future, these payment options will be integrated into all of our sales.

New Platform

Watch out this week for the phase 1 launch of our new platform!


For legal purposes, we have to include this disclaimer. This of course doesn’t mean that we won’t do our absolute best to make every feature possible, but since this is new technology and new legal territory, we need to make sure that the terms and conditions are in order.

Ether Cards makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information in any posts. Any assumptions, opinions, and details expressed in any Ether Cards blog or community posts constitute Ether Card’s judgment as of the date hereof and are subject to change without notice. Any projections or claims contained in the information are based on a number of assumptions including, but not limited to market conditions and the current status of Ether Cards, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

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