Weekly Update: May 24

This extended edition of the Weekly Update is dedicated to our very own JohnnyBullNFT! Queue the music for: “Time Is On My Side” - by The Rolling Stones.

Weekly Update: May 24

If you tuned into the last AMA, you already know that Andras delivered an amazing update on the overall progress of Galaxis! In addition to answering numerous questions from the community, he laid out the three core development initiatives currently under construction: Launchpad, Mission Control and Community Space.

The Community Space lead developer, Tamas, shared a glimpse of the space and marketplace - as well as some sleek new features. Take a moment to watch the entire recorded update on the Galaxis Twitch channel. Please keep up with all the latest development news on Twitter and Discord!

Timeline & Highlights

Although it has been just over a year since the original Ether Cards NFT collection sale, so much has happened since that time. In celebration of the return of @JohnnyBullNFT to the community spotlight, enjoy the following list of highlights catalogued by our very own community marketing machine - @dazza9!

9 April 2021 – Ether Cards NFT Sale Concludes (8000 ETH Raised)

5 May 2021 – Ether Cards Trait Contest

  • 12 Ether Cards NFT Prizes Awarded to Community Members

20 May 2021 – OpenSea Interactive Integration Live

5 June 2021 – LaMelo Ball Collectibles NFT launch

  • Discounts up to 10% for Ether Card NFT Holders

1 July 2021 - Genomes DAO Early Access

  • $GENE Utility Token Discount & $GNOME Governance Tokens

29 July 2021 – 100 Dominion X by Steve Aoki NFTs Released for Ether Cards Holders

  • 1st Free Claim for 100 Dominion X NFTs

30 July 2021 – Sushi Physical Card Giveaway

  • Drawing for 5 Physical Sushi Cards for Ether Cards NFT Holders

2 August 2021 – Dominion X by Steve Aoki NFT Launch

7 August 2021 – Trait Council Inauguration

  • 9 Community Members Selected to Assist with Trait Implementation
  • Founder Card Rewards

12 August 2021 – 100 x Dominion X by Steve Aoki NFTs Released for Ether Cards Holders

  • 2nd Claim for 100 Free Dominion X NFTs

20 August 2021 - Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew NFT Launch

28 August 2021 – Alpha & OG Card Upgrade Trait Live

1 September 2021 – Seasons by Dirty Robot NFT Launch

  • Early Access and Discounts up to 10% for Ether Card NFT Holders

2 September 2021 – Ethereans NFT launch

  • Early Sale Access for Ether Card NFT Holders

14 September 2021 – Steve Aoki Dominion X Forge Live

30 September 2021 – 27 CryptoPunks added to DUST Exchange Pool (Vault)

30 September 2021 – 27 Million $DUST Tokens Dropped onto all Ether Cards

  • 100,000 $DUST per OG
  • 10,000 $DUST per Alpha
  • 1,000 $DUST per Founder

5 October 2021 – $DUST Claiming from Ether Cards NFTs Live

6 October 2021 – Ether Cards Helps Raise Over $400,000 for the BAS Blockchain for Good Initiative

7 October 2021 – First 3 CryptoPunks Claimed by Community Members

  • CryptoPunk #4790, #4793, #9132

8 October 2021 – Dirty Robot’s Seasons Forge Live

11 October 2021 – 3 More CryptoPunks Claimed by Community Members

  • CryptoPunk #4703, #4739, #4749

12 October 2021 – 7th CryptoPunk Claimed by Community Member

  • CryptoPunk #4768

16 October 2021 – 30 Meebits, 25 Mike Tyson NFTs, 50 Alpha Ether Cards, 200 Founder Ether Cards Added to DUST Exchange Pool (Vault)

  • All Meebits Claimed

16 October 2021 – More $DUST Utility Tokens Dropped on Ether Cards

  • 21,100 $DUST per OG
  • 2,110 $DUST per Alpha
  • 211 $DUST per Founder

18 October 2021 – 8th CryptoPunk Claimed by Community Member

  • CryptoPunk #4732

19 October 2021 – EtherHeads NFT launch

  • 1,000 Free NFTs for Ether Card Holders
  • Up to 50% Discount on Purchases
  • Early Access

19 October 2021 – Dirty Robot’s Seasons Summer Charm Redeem Live

20 October 2021 – LaMelo Ball Collectibles NFTs NBA Statistics on Chain

20 October 2021 – Halloween Spooky Ether Cards Competition

  • Ether Card Founder Rewards to Contest Winners

29 October 2021 – Dirty Robot’s Seasons Physical Redeem Trait Live

30 October 2021 – Dominion X by Steve Aoki NFT Forge Live

1 November 2021 – Fishbowl Heads Mint Collaboration with $DUST Minting for Ether Cards Members

  • Early Discounted Access
  • 420 $DUST per Mint (+ gas)
  • 840 $DUST to Mint 2 NFTs (+ gas)

2 Nov 2021 – 150 Dirty Robot’s Seasons Summer NFTs Dropped on Art Drop and Phoenix Traits on Ether Cards

2 Nov 2021 – Dirty Robot’s Seasons Space Forge Released

2 Nov 2021 – Ambassador/Moderator Program Announced

  • Discord Moderators and Community Ambassadors Rewarded with $DUST Utility Tokens Monthly

4 Nov 2021 – CryptoMonster Lab NFT Collaboration Launch

  • Early Access for Ether Card Holders
  • .02 ETH Mint Discount

16 Nov 2021 – 9th CryptoPunk Claimed

  • CryptoPunk #4778

18 November 2021 – Physical Print and Robot Booster Pill Traits for Dirty Robot’s Seasons Launched

19 November 2021 – Toddlerpillars NFT Launch

  • Early Access for Ether Cards Members

22 Nov 2021 – Toddlerpillar Giveaway, $GENE Token Giveaway, Meme Competition Giveaway

  • Several Rewards for Community Participation

23 Nov 2021 – 10th CryptoPunk Claimed

  • CryptoPunk #4731

1 December 2021 – Christmas Card Giveaway to Community

  • 250 Physical Cards to Community
  • 5 Founder Cards

2 December 2021 – Pluto Alliance V2 NFT Launch

  • Early Sale Access for Ether Cards

16 December 2021 – ToddlerPillars and Metazoo NFTs Added to $DUST Pool Exchange Vaults

  • 100 Toddlerpillars NFTs
  • 50 MetaZoo Tokens

6 January 2022 – $Dust Off Your Ranks Giveaway Campaign Begins

  • 7,000 $DUST Utility Tokens Given to Community

22 January 2022 – $GENE Token Claim for Ether Cards Holders Live on MATIC/Polygon

  • 5% of GENE Utility Token Supply or $700,000 Dropped on Ether Cards

28 January 2022 – Beanterra NFT Collaboration Launch

  • 50 Whitelist Spots/Early Access
  • 0.01 ETH Discount

4 February 2022 – AFTRMRKT NFT Collaboration Launch

  • 3 AFTRMRKT NFTs Given to EC Community Members
  • Early Access

12 February 2022 – CryptoMonsters Lab NFT Launch

  • Early Access
  • 0.01 ETH Discount
  • Limited Free NFT Claims

22 February 2022 – LaMelo Ball Collectibles Drop 2 NFT Launch

  • Early Access
  • Up to 15% Discount for Ether Card Holders

25 February 2022 – $DUST Trickling onto Ether Cards NFTs Live

28 February 2022 – Geneticats by GenomesDAO Launch

  • Early Access
  • 10% Discount

1 March 2022 – Galaxis Rebrand & Launchpad Beta Reveal

1 March 2022 – Singularity 12-Hour Launch Party Event with Over 15 ETH in Giveaways

  • 1 Founder Card
  • 1 Geneticat
  • $1K DUST
  • 1 AR Mask NFT
  • 1 CryptoMonster
  • 1 Twisted Tree Frog Massive
  • 1 Toddlerpillar
  • 1 God Panel
  • 1 God Panel
  • 1 Alpha Card
  • 1 Singularity NFT by Hideki Tsukamoto

10 March 2022 – 11th CryptoPunk claimed

  • CryptoPunk #4720

16 March 2022 – Ethereum Name Service Seasonal Series NFT Launch

18 March 2022 – Twisted Tree Frog Massive by Collie Buddz NFT Launch

  • Early Sale Access
  • 0.02 ETH Discount

25 March 2022 - NFTs for Freedom NFT Launch

  • Early Access
  • 0.02 ETH Discount

1 April 2022 – The Hedgie Fund NFT Launch

  • Early Access
  • .005 Discount

1 April 2022 – Phoenix Burn for 0.2 ETH Live

  • 241/1945 Phoenix Traits Burned for 0.02 ETH
  • Remaining Traits to Receive 5,869 $DUST Utility Tokens

13 April 2022 – 12th CryptoPunk Claimed

  • CryptoPunk #4781

13 April 2022 – 13th CryptoPunk Claimed

  • CryptoPunk #4753

15 April 2022 – God Panels by Val Kilmer NFT Launch

  • Early Sale Access
  • 0.012 ETH Discount

(More From Q2 TBA Soon!)


Despite the fact that Toddlerpillars and Ether Heads just launched late last year - the partner projects continue to build and offer exclusive opportunities for NFT collection holders. Stay up to date with the latest news about Chimerapillars and Zsolt Kosa’s amazing Art Lab!

Girls Robots Dragons

The Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection pre-sale begins on Monday, June 6 at 9:00 AM EDT for 24 hours leading up to the main sale on June 7 at 9:00 AM EDT! Please register on https://www.premint.xyz/grd/ in advance and check out the GRD website for additional information! In addition to the premint discount price of 0.06 ETH, Ether Card Holders are also eligible for card tier discounts up to 15% for OG, 10% Alpha and 5% for Founders!


The Toddlerpillars companion collection is now available to mint! Be sure to check out the free claim and public sale website! The reveal is also live, so get ready for some near instant satisfaction.  Congratulations Jon and Tim for another great collection! Keep up with the Toddlerpillars and Chimerapillars on Twitter and Discord!


The PlanetSLY™ Discord is still growing at a crazy rate! The NFT collection launch details are coming very soon. Check out all the appropriate links and details on the PlanetSLY™ website!

Identity 20 XY

Identity 20XY AR masks from Minyma Technologies are coming soon! The team is hosting weekly Twitter spaces with giveaways for the upcoming mint. Also, please join the Discord community and follow on Twitter for all the latest information.


Exclusively for EtherHeads NFT owners - check out the upcoming Art Lab free mint from Zsolt Kosa! If you own an EtherHead NFT, you have access to claim one free mint (plus gas) on the new and improved website! Keep up with all the latest Art Lab information on Discord and Twitter.


The marketing team is currently focused on supporting the upcoming Girls Robots and Dragons NFT collection launch. With over 2,000 members on Discord, nearly 4,000 Twitter followers and approximately 600 registered for the presale - it’s potentially shaping up to be a quick sellout!

The Galaxis team will host the next GRD Twitter Space discussion on Wednesday, May 25 at 12:00 Noon EDT to discuss ETH prizes and collection information. Please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

There will also be another Twitter Space on Tuesday, May 31 at 5:00 PM EDT to discuss $DUST Proofing and other features of the GRD collection.

Please follow the official Galaxis accounts for the most recent broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Keep up with all the latest articles and promotional content in our announcement channels on Discord. Please remember to subscribe to the official Galaxis email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

Rumor has it that more CryptoPunks are breaking out of the vault! I wonder who will claim the next one? It sure is getting DUSTY around here. If only there was something to do with all this DUST…


Thank you @Defgrip and @HH for organizing the community poker tournament last week and congratulations to all the winners!

1st Place - Invisible#0852, $400 Dust

2nd Place - ezra#9008, $300 Dust

3rd Place - doops#5313, $200 Dust / $100 Dust

4th Place - Defgrip* /salute (gave his prize of $100 Dust to the 3rd Place Winner)

Also, Congratulations to @daveronin.eth for winning the moderator’s weekly community bounty!

A great big shoutout to @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

Please follow Galaxis Twitter and join Discord for more information about all the giveaway opportunities and ongoing festivities!


Now that the stage has been set for the three main development tasks - we hope everyone watches the live AMAs with Andras to see the progress. Tune in on Friday to see what Levente has in store for us with the Launchpad!

Also, please remember that although we may not be able to share all of the current projects under development - we look forward to sharing all the details as soon as possible!


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