Weekly Update May 31

After Thursday's mammoth free-for-all update, we'll be switching to updates every Monday. This week's update includes info on fiat on-ramp integration, BAT rewards, platform infrastructure, an exclusive Discord server and Ether Card community discounts in the upcoming LaMelo Ball NFT sale.

Weekly Update May 31

Fiat On-Ramp Integration

Ether Cards is finalizing discussions for a partnership with a global payment solution provider that enables the purchase of crypto assets with credit cards. A solution that enables the purchase of NFTs with their service is planned to be ready in the coming weeks. For future releases, we will integrate these capabilities in our sales.

Once our upcoming system in Polygon is complete, it will be possible for our partners to issue NFTs very cheaply and to reach a large audience including non-crypto natives with this fiat on-ramp solution.

Basic Attention Token Rewards

Our very own Dave Appleton has distributed BAT rewards to all eligible cards from the BAT promotion during the main sale. The 53 qualifying cards were sent the ETH value of each card purchase in BAT, totaling ~300,000 BAT.

This is the transaction ID for ETH -> BAT:


And this is the distribution transaction:



The devs have been putting a lot of work into the platform infrastructure to accommodate requests from existing and potential partners to create feature demos. They’ve been putting the explorer, the wallet, the front page and a few servers (metadata, image, and aggregator servers) into one deployment process. This will make it possible to take config files and images, run the script, and get an explorer with cards and traits that can be used for demos.

Improvements to the Forge’s user experience are underway based on suggestions from the community. Cards with Forge Protector now clearly display the trait when the card is entered into the Forge. We have also clarified the instructions for using the Forge and added a warning about the burning of cards.

Work has also begun on implementing the bundle of Traits based on layers in the accidental collaboration artworks. These include: Forged, Perfect, Selective Layer Reroll, Synthesis Ritual, New Commons, OG Layer Drop, and Alpha Layer Drop. The implementation of Fluid and True Name may also be included in this bundle, but if not, they are expected to be in the next.


Community member @john is working with the team to develop a feature that connects Ether Cards with Discord servers. An exclusive server and dedicated channels will require users to hold an Ether Card and/or have a specific Trait in order to join. This server will also serve partner projects that create editions in the future.


Ether Cards and Chainlink’s partnership with LaMelo Ball went public on Thursday with announcements on this blog, as well as on ESPN and throughout sports and crypto media. As mentioned in the previous post, the Ether Cards community will be given exclusive discounts when purchasing NFTs from this sale. Here are the details on that:

OG: 10% discount

Alpha: 5% discount

Founder: 2.5% discount

With over 2,000 members already, LaMelo’s Discord server quickly began to depart from the hook, and at the time of writing, is entirely off the hook. LaMelo has already jumped in a few times, even generously dropping merch to lucky server members.

The sale will launch on June 4 at 12pm PST on LaMeloBall.io.

Collectibles start at 0.01 ETH (~$28).


Our Twitter account has broken 10K! And is going strong thanks to the work of @Mariana.

Community Contributions
Check out @Thundersonic’s post on 0xfiles about the difference between LaMelo’s collection and Top Shot, and @Johnny Bull’s latest Ether Cards videos on his YouTube channel, including an explainer video on how to buy LaMelo NFTs.