Weekly Update: Nov 16

Ether Cards helped raise over $400,000 for the Blockchain For Good initiative of the Blockchain Association Singapore! Toddlerpillars and Genomes launch this week. Not to be outdone - CryptoPunk #4778 is also making a break from the DUST vault!

Weekly Update: Nov 16

The update is short and sweet this week. With both the Toddlerpillars and Genomes launching - it has been all hands on deck for the entire company. Andras and the team hosted Jon Beinart from Toddlerpillars last week and the next AMA will feature tokenomics as well as the Genomes team.

Amidst all the splendorous activity, what does the Ether Cards team do for fun? Sponsorships and charitable work! Amazingly, Ether Card founders, Andras and Ben, still found time in their busy schedules to help support a great blockchain charity event.

Ether Cards was instrumental in fundraising for the Blockchain For Good (BFG) - a Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS).

Blockchain for Good Event Night 2021: Blockchain Association Singapore and NTUC-U Care Fund Raise S$401,211 in Singapore's first Non-fungible Token (NFT) Charity Auction!

The event is part of the Singapore FinTech Festival 2021 Innovation Lab Crawl, featuring key industry leaders and experts.

CryptoPunk #4778 is now in the process of exiting the DUST pool. This sassy female punk features a blue bandana, earring and matching blue clown eyes.


There are now seven partnership channels and two community partners integrated into the Ether Cards Discord server. One small step for blockchain and one giant leap closer to becoming the center of the NFT metaverse. Thank you everyone for supporting all of our partners!


This week, the Robot Booster Pill Trait claim will go live. Additionally, the Print Trait has been expanded to appear on all 128 Summer Final NFTs! Please stay tuned for more DirtyRobot collection details and peruse the current seasonal NFTs available on the OpenSea marketplace.


GenomesDAO’s $GENE token is now available on miso.sushi.com for the next 6 days or until the 999 ETH crowdsale goal is met. Currently, 189 ETH has already been raised, smashing the initial goal of 99 ETH.

The $GENE token powers decentralized and democratized healthcare, amplified by DeFi. Details of GenomesDAO and the $GENE token sale are found in their blog and GitBook.

Ether Cards holders will get their GENE tokens after the sale concludes. More details concerning the scope and schedule will be announced during the next AMA with Andras on Friday.

The Genomes team is also working with Ether Cards to launch the Genomes Trait on 15 Ether Card NFTs that may be redeemed for a 30x Clinical grade genomic sequencing kit, valued at $500 each.

The GenomesDAO NFT project will follow the token sale. Please follow Genomes on Twitter and join their Discord for the most current information.

The Toddlerpillars NFT Collection

The presale has started for the 9,999 NFTs on 16 November at 12:00 PM EST. The price is .04 ETH per Toddlerpillar NFT and may be minted directly from the website.

The first presale period will run for 24 hours allowing the ranks of Toddlerpillar to mint up to 6 and Omnipillar 8 NFTs.

The second period will also run for 24 hours, allowing early supporters to mint up to 2 NFTs.

Ether Cards holders may mint up to 6 NFTs on the third 24hr period of presales.

Finally, the main sale starts on Nov 19 at 12:00 PM EST and continues until Dec 3 or until sold out.

From the Toddlerpillars:

Through a ragged hole in reality, crawl 9,999 Toddlerpillar NFTs generated from 888 mind-bending traits, including 60 ultra-rare 1/1s! The project extends the 20 year history of artist and gallerist Jon Beinart’s renowned Toddlerpillar doll sculptures, imbuing them with new psychedelic energy from award-winning artist and madman, Tim Molloy.
Toddlerpillar holders join an interdimensional art collective with access to global gatherings, vinyl collectables, and exclusive airdrops. With plans to expand the Toddlerpillar brand into an animated series and blockchain-based game, we invite you to join us at the forefront of art and technology as we voyage into the untamed wilds of Web3.

Join the amazingly active Toddlerpillars discord and Twitter spaces for live updates!


In addition to specific and targeted marketing initiatives, the team is hard at work growing the business organically through multiple social media channels. There are more contests, advertisements and holiday festivities coming soon!

The Ether Cards team organized and participated in several well-attended conversations via Twitter Spaces. The typical one-hour live formats have been so popular that they often extend for several hours at a time. Thank you Toddlerpillars, Genomes, @GhostDefi, and Steve Ryan for your wonderful hospitality!

In retrospect, with new wizards appearing daily, it was to be sidetracked by all the excitement building in the community. These are not mere ordinary wizards, but very powerful EtherWizards with an endless supply of accompanying animal familiars to deploy as profile pictures.

When last we left off in the story, Mariana had confirmed that it was in fact the energy created by Gandalf’s Friday Night Trivia that eventually caused the explosion that consumed said wizard. I ponder what exactly happened to Gandy. Was he magically blasted into another dimension? Is he still floating around in the DUST? Was he teleported to the moon? Does he have any hidden horcruxes?

During the weekly search for clues, I cannot help wondering when the next installment of Gandalf’s Friday Night Trivia will take place? It seems like just yesterday when we were all partying and enjoying a great time together.

A thought occurs to me and slowly passes through the synapse on the very edge of my last untouched neuron. Is it too late to buy more GENE tokens on MISO? I think I know where to find that answer. What if there is a way to get in touch with Gandalf through the mystical realms of existence? Wait a minute! Where is Mariana now?


For our wonderful community, two giveaways are running simultaneously this week in the Giveaways Channel on Discord. The first is a ToddlerPillar giveaway where you could win 1 of 2 ToddlerPillars or 1 Ether Card! The second is a Genomes giveaway where you could win 100,000 $GENE Tokens! For eligibility, please complete the actions detailed in each event announcement. Winners are to be announced during this Friday's AMA with Andras.

Although we have so many active contributors, we especially like to thank our wonderful Moderators for all their hard work in keeping our community on track. You are truly unsung heroes!

Additionally, we appreciate all the questions, comments, and activity from everyone. Special mention to Melbo.eth for the multitudes of MEME and merchandise pictures.

Thank you @woodneto for the incredibly amazing artist profile of Chissweetheart!

Also, @savethedanimals for organizing and maintaining the fantasy football league competition.

Our community marketing machine, @dazza9 is an amazing host, so please tune in to his next conversation on Twitter!

As always, thank you @thundersonic for the spectacular source of information - 0xfiles.com!

We are so thankful for everyone in our amazing community. Please remember to follow the official Ether Cards Twitter for the latest contest updates!


This week, the majority of development centers around updating and expanding existing partnerships, websites, and the self-service platform. Specifically, the current Toddlerpillars NFT release and upcoming DirtyRobot Autumn Seasonal Collection comprise a significant amount of resources.

As previously mentioned, there are several projects under development that will be released soon as part of the platform beta testing. We also look forward to sharing more about the wonderful projects in the works - like Hedgies and Betwixt! Our developers are working around the clock to ensure a smooth release and excellent quality experience.

Trait Council

In addition to the usual business, council members are in the process of more fully integrating our community goals into action. Although we cannot disclose the details until finalized, the Trait Council is currently working on an interesting community initiative.


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