Weekly Update: Nov 23

Toddlerpillars sold out after only a few days of public sale! Genomes crowdsale raised over 423 ETH on SushiSwap MISO. CryptoPunk #4731 escaped the DUST vault! Double AMAs in the same week?

Weekly Update: Nov 23

Dr. Mark Hahnel, Aldo De Pape and Genomes DAO Intern joined the Ether Cards Weekly AMA with Andras and the team on Friday. They discussed the core tenets of Genomes DAO and decentralized genetics.

Andras also welcomed economist Ben Murray to the first of a series of talks about the DUST tokenomics. In this episode, Ben gives an overview of the system and details various aspects of the ten year distribution plan. Although a detailed recap is published on the     community website 0xfiles.com - exact details are subject to change over time.

Additionally, CoinMarketCap.com now lists the DUST utility token market cap, trading pairs, charts, data and more live!

Finally, CryptoPunk #4731 is making an escape from the DUST vaults! This handsome fellow wears a normal beard, shaved head, earring and small shades.


In addition to Betwixt and The Hedgie Fund, there are more partnerships in the works - including an expansion of Pluto Alliance V2 and the MetaZoo. Look for exciting new information in the AMA with Andras on Friday!

Pluto Alliance

The Pluto Alliance 2 NFTs will be on sale starting November 30 at 11:00 AM EST with a Burn To Mint feature for existing Pluto Alliance first edition holders - limited to 3,333 tokens.

Holders of Pluto 1 NFTs (contract: 0xdfe3ac769b2d8e382cb86143e0b0b497e1ed5447) can mint a Pluto 2 NFT during the initial 24 hours by sacrificing the first version NFT.

The main sale starts on December 1 at 11:00 AM EST and Ether Card holders get a 10% discount for 24 hours.

For the latest Pluto Alliance updates, please follow along on Twitter and Discord.


Coming soon to the Ether Cards ecosystem: MetaZoo! Join the discord and follow all the latest updates on Twitter.

The Hedgie Fund

Sam the hedgehog is set to take the world by storm in raising Autism awareness via The Hedgie Fund!


Genomes allows you to safely, securely own your most valuable asset and earn passive income. The GENE & GNOME LP incentives and single-sided GNOME staking align investment and DAO goals.

Ether Cards will receive a $GENE token drop on Jan 17, 2022 in the following amounts: OG 36,000, Alpha 12,000 and Founders 4,000. Genomes DAO is giving 5% of the circulating supply - 50 million $GENE tokens valued at 170 ETH to Ether Cards!

The Genomes $GENE token crowdsale on SushiSwap MISO just concluded with over 423 ETH or currently over $1.75M!

Catch up with the Genomes team on Twitter and join their Discord for the most current information.

The Toddlerpillars NFT Collection

The Toddlerpillars presale for early adopters and Ether Cards holders began last week with a big kickoff - including giveaways and special events. In just a few days of public sale, the entire 9,999 NFT collection sold out - raising nearly 400 ETH!

Congratulations to Jon Beinart, Tim Malloy, the Ether Cards team - as well as all the partners and community supporters that made it possible!

Wondering what happened to the fabled 9,999th Toddlerpillar? Join the amazingly active Toddlerpillars discord and Twitter spaces for live updates!


It was another great week for the marketing team - with big victories in helping to promote project partnerships and bring new members into the community. Ether Cards helped with nearly every Toddlerpillar event leading to the sellout. The team was instrumental in the last day of Genomes MISO crowdsale - with nearly 70 ETH raised following a Twitter space in the last few hours of the sale.

Thank you Jon Beinart, Tim Molloy, Toddlerpillars, Superchief, Edward Zipco, OpenSea, Juxtapoz Magazine, Mark Hahnel, Aldo De Pape, Genomes DAO Intern, Genomes, Tony Herrera, Steve Ryan, @Zeneca_33 and everyone else involved for your wonderful hospitality this week!

Finally, please subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

It occurred to me that looking for Gandalf is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There is no telling where his magical powers have taken him. Not only will I need Mariana’s help in finding him, but probably the entire community as well. Maybe even several communities?

What would be very helpful is an entire team of Dust Collectors. Perhaps sifting through the residue from the explosion will lead to answers about Gandaf’s whereabouts? The only issue with Dust Collectors is that they are very rare. Geniuses in general are fairly rare, but to find one of a handful of these ultra rare individuals - that would be truly miraculous.

Knowing what I know, which isn’t that much, makes this task even more difficult. Interestingly, I’ve heard of the magical etherscan portal. If I can remember where I saw it last, I may be able to use it again to find a Dust Collector. Now we are getting somewhere!


Congratulations to the winners of last week's giveaways and meme contest:

Thank you @woodneto and @savethedanimals for organizing and maintaining the fantasy football league competition.

As always, thank you @thundersonic for the best source of dust collecting information - 0xfiles.com!

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful community members. Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and tune into @dazza9’s Twitter Spaces!


This week, the development team logged long hours and heroic efforts in bringing the Toddlerpillars into existence.

In addition to moving closer to the self-service platform launch - there was significant work updating and maintaining websites and collections from the existing partnerships.

Behind the scenes, the dynamic nature of Ether Cards continues to evolve through the rebranding process, new features, and web design.

Trait Council

The Trait Council will be on pause through the holiday season, so all of our members may celebrate with family and friends!


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