Weekly Update: Nov 9

As Ether Cards continues its dynamic evolution, our tried and true team of industry professionals quietly delivers amazing quality products and services to the NFT community. The most recent updates highlight the progress and give wonderful insight into the future of utility NFTs.

Weekly Update: Nov 9

If you missed the most recent marathon AMA with Andras, please take a moment to watch the video. He discusses the progression of Ether Cards from conception to current development, and beyond.

In addition to history, Andras presented Ether Cards ownership benefits thus far:

  • LaMelo Ball Collectibles Drop (June) - Discounts OG: 10%, Alpha: 5% Founder: 2.5%
  • Genomes Partnership (June) - $GENE Token Drop, 15 DNA Sequencing Traits on Ether Cards, Preseed (and GNOME governance token) access
  • Steve Aoki Drop (July) - 200 Free Cards
  • DirtyRobot Drop (Aug) - Early Access of up to 12 Hours, Discounts OG: 10%, Alpha: 5%, Founder: 2.5%, 150 Free NFT Drop, 25 Free NFT for Golden Goose
  • Sushi (Aug) - 5 Free Sushi Cards
  • Dust Drop - About 30 Million DUST (12M+ USD) Dropped on the Ether Cards
  • CryptoPunk Giveaway (Sep) - 27 Punks Dropped to all Cards at 1,000,000 DUST, 100,000 DUST per OG, 10,000 DUST per Alpha, 1,000 DUST per Founder
  • Ethereans Drop (Sep) - Early Access
  • Mike Tyson - 25 NFTs Allocated to DUST Pool
  • Second Dust Pool Drop (Oct) - 30 Meebits, 25 Mike Tysons, 50 Alphas, and 200 Founders Dropped Into Dust Pools with Accompanying DUST Allocation to Cards, 21,100 DUST per OG, 2,110 DUST per Alpha, 211 DUST per Founder
  • EtherHeads (Oct) - 1,000 Free NFTs, Up to 50% Discount on 1,000 More, Early Access
  • FishBowl Heads (Oct) - 10% Discount, Early Access, Mint with DUST
  • CryptoMonsters (Oct) - Early Access, Discount (.02ETH)
  • ORDO (Oct) - Bonus Buy 2 Get 1 Free NFTs
  • ToddlerPillars (Nov) - Early Access, 100 Free Nfts
  • Pluto Alliance (Nov) - Early Access, 200 Free NFTs


All Ether Cards' strategic and community partnerships are progressing quickly through the next stages of implementation. We have independent filmmakers, open-source software services, performance/traditional artists, start-up accelerator programs, and unique (choose your own adventure style) mental health projects all in the self-service beta platform queue!


A great big thank you to DirtyRobot for the 150 Summer Seasons NFTs dropped on Ether Cards! Remember, DirtyRobot NFTs are still available via the secondary market on OpenSea.

Get ready! The Autumn season is upon us and details will be released soon!


Following their 100 ETH presale sellout - GenomesDAO’s $GENE is going live on 16th November on miso.sushi.com!

The $GENE token powers decentralized and democratized healthcare, amplified by DeFi. The first details of the GenomesDAO $GENE token sale can be found here.

Ether Cards will be the only airdrop participants coming shortly after the Miso sale closes. This means Ether Cards holders will get their GENE before the end of this month (November).

The Genomes team is working with the Ether Cards team to launch the Genomes Trait on 15 Ether Cards which can be redeemed for a ($500) 30x Clinical grade genomic sequencing kit.

The GenomesDAO NFT project will follow the token sale, hopefully on the Ether Cards platform.

Please follow Genomes on Twitter and join their Discord for the most current information.

The Toddlerpillars NFT Collection

Toddlerpillars will hold an AMA with SuperChief on the Ether Cards Discord Wednesday, November 9 at 6:00 PM EST. Check out their Twitter for more live spaces, too.

The whitelist sale for Ether Cards members begins on the 3rd day of the 72-hour presale! Simply hold your Ether Card in the same wallet address to qualify for early access.

Fishbowl Heads

Ether Cards holders who minted Fishbowl Heads NFT during Halloween got the special Fishbowl Head Halloween edition airdropped to their wallets!


Welcome, TheHedgie.Fund - an NFT collection with purpose! Mint a crypto Hedgie to help complete the first NFT funded animated short film and support Autism acceptance along the way. Launching with Ether Cards in November.


Another week, more announcements, more engagement across all platforms and phenomenal networking in the NFT community! We are just getting started ahead of the holiday season blitz!

Andras filmed an inspiring, upcoming episode of Fired Up Fridays with Steve Ryan and there will be plenty more to come on this front. Check out the current podcast with Ether Cards Partner, Toddlerpillars, now available!

The Ether Cards team participated in several more Twitter Spaces - including an immensely informative episode with @CryptoJobsList.

The Twitter spaces have been incredibly amazing with the last hosted by Two-Time Jeopardy Champion Vivek Ravishanker! Don’t worry if you missed this opportunity to chat with the champ. Rumor has it that he will be joining the community discord to talk about game theory and take all the Gandy Candy in Friday Night Trivia!

Speaking of champions, we now have so many working - both visibly in our community and behind the scenes.

From Gandalf - The Dust Wizard to our Oracle Mariana to Vlad the Impala and The Amazing Levente!

Micky the Mighty deserves his own feature presentation along with our Fearless Samurai Number Zero, the Jester Who Knows, and Chief Mad-Hatter.

We have Magic Mike leading the charge and a quartet of distinguished Ambassadors moderating the dance floor daily.

Most importantly, we have you - our wonderful community to entertain and serve on the grand stage of life!

Although I am only a wizard apprentice, I can see that we have wonderful times ahead. I look forward to watching our organic community grow over the years. I am especially fond of Friday Night Trivia and can’t wait to play with the Two-Time Jeopardy Champion! Welcome aboard Vivek!


Congratulations to @Just_n_f_T for winning the Halloween competition Discord Poll! There were so many great entries and we love all your Spooky Ether Cards! They were so good we had to give out a card to second place @AestheteSaga and third place @BikCrypto too! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween Contest. You are all winners in our community!

Discord Ranks are here with a purpose! By participating in the Discord server, chatting and engaging with the community, you will level up your rank. Reach specific levels and your rank will change. Each rank has its own assigned color, and some of the higher ranks may even come with special privileges! Please note that experience started to be earned approximately one week ago.

When you get verified you start at level 0. The current level ranks are as follows:

Crew Member - 1

Cadet - 5

Ensign - 10

Lieutenant - 20

Commander - 30

Captain - 40

Admiral - 50

Maybe one day you will be the Admiral of your own Star Fleet?

Thank you @woodneto and @savethedanimals for the awesome fantasy football action, live updates, and recaps. Also, @dazza9 for weekly AMA recaps and @thundersonic for making it all possible on 0xfiles.com!

Remember, the ETH all-time high MEME competition ends soon. Keep up with the official Ether Cards Twitter for the latest contest updates!


Our amazing developers are continually engaged in all aspects of ongoing partnerships and platform development. The main focus is pushing out the self-service platform as soon as possible. Additionally, our current and new partners are interested in utilizing more features and functions, which is certainly adding to the already enormous workloads.

If you see any of the devs taking a break and interacting with the community on Twitter or Discord, please show them some love and appreciation! They are the true heroes of our community!

Trait Council

The Trait Council has quite a bit of housekeeping in addition to the normal business. Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements as available!


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