Weekly Update: Oct 12

Who let the punks out? How many are on the loose? How many are left in the vault? Which one is breaking out next? Tune in for the latest and great information!

Weekly Update: Oct 12

With great foresight and incredible speed, the first CryptoPunk #4703 voucher was claimed soon after the pools went live. Sporting an earring, horn-rimmed glasses, and a knitted cap, this CryptoPunk was simply too cool to stay locked up.

The second CryptoPunk #4739 was the next to be exchanged for DUST. Slightly rarer than the first, this CryptoPunk has a dark Mohawk hairstyle and chinstrap beard. Does this punk have a real-life twin?

The third CryptoPunk let out of the vault is #4749. Wearing a frown, do-rag, and small shades - this is the rarest of the escapees to date.

Congratulations to all the early redeemers! Now there are twenty-four more to be claimed from the vault. Who will be next? Check the CryptoPunk vault status here.


Pluto Alliance, by BitBoy Crypto, has partnered with Ether Cards to provide their NFT Collection with advanced traits, utility, and $DUST. Through this collaboration, Pluto Alliance NFTs will become truly dynamic, evolving to meet the community’s needs and also connecting to the real world. Check out the Pluto Alliance YouTube video featuring Ether Cards.

Pluto Alliance

Pluto Alliance, launched on Sep 15, consists of 10,000 randomly generated aliens called Plutonians. Each alien selects 7 random attributes from a possibility of 294 billion unique options. In addition to the ability to evolve and have real-world utility, Ether Cards’ native community token, Dust, will be dropped to the entire Pluto Alliance ecosystem in the future. The community already consists of 3,000 owners, with almost $2.5M in secondary sales.

This partnership will help to bring visibility of Ether Cards technology to Bitboy’s 5 million social media followers. BitBoy Crypto will also look to integrate Ether Cards technology into upcoming projects and partnerships.


Exclusive presale for Ether Cards holders starts at 12:00 PM EST on Tuesday, October 19 and goes until 6:00 PM EST Thursday, October 21. First 1,000 Cards are FREE to mint (plus gas fees) for Ether Card holders! Limit 1 per each Ether Card and 10 per wallet. The second 1,000 Cards are 50% off mint (plus gas) and limit 10 per wallet. Remaining pre-sale purchases are also 10% off mint plus gas for Ether Cards holders. The main sale price is .05 ETH and starts on Thursday, October 21 at 12 PM EST.

EtherHeads is the first 10k NFT collection from Zsolt Kosa. These unique portraits are a fusion between traditional avatars and abstract art. Each EtherHead was built using only the shapes of the Ethereal logo. More than 70000 portraits were generated with a unique method and the final 10k is carefully selected by hand to ensure the artistic quality. Get some EtherHeads to enjoy the special traits, and benefits from the upcoming collections! Keep up to date with Zsolt Kosa’s amazing artwork on Twitter!


The Time Forge is live and the beautifully evolved images are now available on OpenSea. Autumn is coming next! Please remember to join The Robot Army discord for all the latest updates on the Seasons NFT collection.


The Ethereans are now approaching the speed of light. Announcements on their discord are stacking up, so here is the quick version:

  • They signed a team for the preproduction of the animation assets.
  • Here is a Discord link to the short 3D animation video of the first Cryptling that is being rigged.
  • A very talented 2D artist, @IvanRascon, will be helping to create some cool stuff for the Empire.
  • 3D printing files are getting closer.
  • Merchandising artwork is in production.
  • Weekly art airdrops announced and snapshot taken.
  • Website 2.0 design stage in the making.
  • AI Squiggles fractionalization announcement.
  • Another Etherean artist, @AsterionX is participating in the "Beast Quest Game Jam" and this is a video of the Sword Tales game he made to participate.


Plans are in the works for an NFT bundle using the EC self-serve platform when it launches (NFTs, genome sequences, GENE, and GNOME drop bonuses). Please reach out to @markio in the Genomes.io discord with any questions.

Marketing & Community

The marketing focus is currently behind promoting the release of the upcoming self-service platform.

Andras joined Mark Hahnel from Genomes.io on the latest Talking Crypto Episode #71 with Gabriel Haines.

The Wolf of All Streets @scottmelker joined Andras to discuss the amazing potential of superpowered NFTs and the intersection of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on his latest broadcast.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our last Twitters spaces event! The next gathering will be with Matty@DCLBlogger on Friday, October 15 at 7:00 AM EST. We look forward to seeing you on stage!

So what am I missing here? What could have caused that massive explosion? How could I not see it building in advance? Oh, Gandalf... Where has he gone?

Over a period of time, or in this specific case - several months, our community expanded and contracted as membership ebbed and flowed into our metaverse. During periods of rapid expansion, momentum builds and the community is charged with energy.

There is so much action in the Ether Cards universe that I almost forgot we are just one community in the expanding ecosystem. Like Gandalf, I now find myself spending more and more time on adventures both inside and outside of our community. Maybe that’s what Mariana knows? She was following him around on all his adventures, too.

LaMelo Ball added some incredible basketball skills and an entirely new arena of fans to our community. Genomes entered the mix with a community of big-brained scientists. DirtyRobot evolved the Robot Army into existence. The hits just kept coming with Mike Tyson. Steve Aoki brought the music and a stadium of fans. The Etherean invasion is underway and we think at least one community member has been sucked into the mothership. Has anyone seen JohnnyBull lately? Now there are Plutonians, too?

Was Gandalf - The Dust Wizard on another adventure before his accident? He is certainly an elder statesman highly regarded in several places. Was the explosion just the beginning of another community? Did Gandalf’s Party or Friday Night Trivia create some explosive energy?

Maybe Mariana has some insight? Should we take the time to map out our community? Where can we find a good cartographer? Clearly, we need some good infographics to explain Gandalf's parties. At the very least, just something that shows everyone how to click on an emoji button. Meanwhile, I’m just going to continue sifting through the clues to find out what happened to our beloved Gandy.


With such profoundly humorous AMA voiceover videos entered into the competition, choosing the winner is extremely challenging for the team. Thank you to everyone who participated including @Hammerman, @Dazza9, and @Eyetat. Here are just a few in case you missed them: A Bad Lip Reading by @halfd0rk and Am I Muted by @PYR. We hope you enjoyed the entertainment and look forward to announcing the winner soon!

Please take a few minutes to read this amazing Accidental Masterpieces blog post by our very own community member and esteemed moderator @woodneto!

Check out the latest events and updates from @thundersonic 0xfiles.com workshop.

Dekkster Dos from NFT Gaming highlighted the amazing utility and value of Ether Cards in his latest YouTube video.

Big thanks to @Gandalf - The Dust Wizard for hosting the amazing trivia event and episode one party on Discord! If you haven’t participated - you are missing out on some great fun!

As always, thank you everyone for your amazing support and community contributions. We are truly a dynamic community with amazing superpowers!


The development team is very busy with the self-service platform and a number of other very important tasks related to its release. First demo coming soon!

Ether cards super secret chat feature is advancing, first preview also coming soon.

DirtyRobot Time Forge was released last week Thursday, this week Summer Charms will be redeemable!

The team is also working on the Battle Royale game flow.

A new Steve Aoki forge is in the works and scheduled to be released in the coming week! Is there a theme? Wait and see!

Lastly, more CryptoPunks are breaking out of the vault!

Look for a more detailed update with the AMA on Friday.

Trait Council

The Trait Council meetings have been very productive and we look forward to making some announcements soon! At least 3 Traits have passed their first approval phase and are waiting for dev confirmation. Once this is received we will share on Discord what they are and how they will work.


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