Weekly Update: Oct 26

Trick or Treat? Halloween is right around the corner and so are fun surprises to celebrate our partnerships with The Toddlerpillars NFT collection and CryptoMonsterLabs! Let’s see your #EtherCardsSpooky contest entries on Twitter!

Weekly Update: Oct 26

It was another action packed AMA filled with project updates and new and existing partnership announcements. Thank you Mariana for all the wonderful community updates!

The development team is working fullspeed ahead on the self-service platform, which turns out - is so much more than just another NFT cookie cutting machine!

There were also major advancements with the DirtyRobot Summer Charms release and LaMelo Ball Collectible updates. Isn’t it amazing to watch LaMelo’s game stats update on the cards?

The EtherHeads NFT sale from Zsolt Kosa is already under way and there are two new project partners joining the Ether Cards Ecosytem. Hello world. Welcome Toddlerpillars and CryptoMonsterLab!

CryptoPunk #4753 is breaking out of the Dust Pools! This cool dude has big shades, a knitted cap and a cigarette, too.

Watch the CryptoPunk vault status here.

Finally, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign and great community support, our Discord membership broke through 15,000 members and our Twitter account shattered the 17,500 follower mark!  Excellent job everyone. Next stop, 20k!


If you haven’t checked out our new partners this week then you are in for a big surprise! From the live video stream, with artist Santiago Uceda in the CryptoMonsterLab, to the crazy fun of the Toddlerpillars Discord - Halloween is already very interesting indeed.

LaMelo Ball Collectibles

Collectible cards have come a long way since they were packaged with bubble gum and traded like candy.  Now, thanks to Ether Cards revolutionary technology - the athlete’s statistics are updated in real time to the NFT! When @MELOD1P reaches a specific milestone, his community will be rewarded with memorabilia, signed merchandise and even game tickets!

Red Mars - Points

Blue Neptune - Steals

Silver Moon - Assits

Gold Evolve - Points, Steals and Assists

For the most current Twitter updates, please check out: @nftplayground in collaboration with @chainlink and @ether_cards.


Ether Cards community members claimed 1,000 free and 1,000 - 50% discounted Ether Heads during the presale access!  The main sale continues here.  Get an Ether Head before they are all gone!

EtherHeads is the first 10k NFT collection from Zsolt Kosa. These unique portraits are a fusion between traditional avatars and abstract art. Each EtherHead was built using only the shapes of the Ethereal logo. More than 70000 portraits were generated with a unique method and the final 10k is carefully selected by hand to ensure the artistic quality. Get some EtherHeads to enjoy the special traits, and benefits from the upcoming collections! Keep up to date with Zsolt Kosa’s amazing artwork on Twitter!


As a reminder, the DirtyRobot Summer Charm bonus NFTs may now be redeemed! The high quality evolving NFTs may still be purchased on OpenSea. By using the Time Forge, each user has the chance to receive one of the three Summer Charm bonus NFTs.

Steve Aoki

Forge the new Fresh Meat NFT by utilizing Distorted Reality and Dream Catcher NFTs that still have their Forge Traits intact. Upon forging, the Distorted Reality NFT will be burned, and the Dream Catcher NFTs will lose the Forge Trait. To initiate the Forge, simply drag and drop the NFTs into the boxes and hit the button to get started. Your wallet provider will ask you to approve and then sign a transaction. It’s that easy!

Toddlerpillars NFT Collection

In conjunction with SuperChief, Ether Cards welcomes its newest NFT partnership with Toddlerpillers!  Check out all the crazy action on Discord now. With nonstop fun and games this partnership will entertain everyone. Stay tuned for more detailed information about this partnership coming later this week!

CryptoMonster Lab

Ether Cards community members are familiar with the incredible artwork of Santiago Uceda from his amazing OG 75 and rare Alpha Cards in the collection.

Now, it’s time to learn about the CryptoMonster Lab:

In a sleepy town in the Pacific Northwest, lives an eccentric scientist obsessed with cryptozoology. On a cold rainy night, deep in the forest he is looking for the infamous CryptoMonsters. Suddenly he sees a large herd of cryptomonsters foraging for ethberries. He captures a number of them to take back to the lab where he plans on conducting experiments on the unsuspecting CryptoMonsters.

Our mad scientist is going to need help running the lab and that’s where you come in. You don’t need a PhD to join our lab, just a twisted mind, and the desire to make this the most innovative CryptoMonster Lab on the Ethereum blockchain. Join us on Discord!

In less than 24 hours, all early adopter roles have been filled ahead of the release! More project partnership details are coming later this week!


The marketing team is on fire with partnership promotions, multiple social media campaigns and an abundance of organic growth thanks to the wonderful community!

Andras joined the Trippy NFT Collective for a phenomenal clubhouse discussion on Monday! With over 450 people in attendance, this was one of the most relaxing and informative community events this year. Thank you for tuning in to listen!

The team joined several Twitter Spaces to discuss Ether Cards and NFT partnership projects including: Toddlerpillars, SuperChief, The Ethereans, and CryptoMonster Lab.

Special thanks to: Josh Ong, Tony Herrera, Santiago Uceda, CryptoNovo.ETH, Jon Beinart and Tim Malloy!

Additionally, Andras and the team also joined Twitter Spaces with Matty@DCLBlogger to discuss NFT security, hacks, and scams.

Thank you everyone for your time and we look forward to another action packed week of daily Twitter Spaces!  Please keep an eye out for daily announcements on the official Ether Cards Twitter account.

Halloween is nearly here and things are strangely interesting in the Ether Cards community. This week, we have welcomed two new communities into our ecosystem: The Toddlerpillars and the CryptoMonsters!

The Toddlerpillars are the perfect addition to any totally out of control holiday party. I have to admit, the first time I ventured into Toddlerpillarville, I was somewhat disturbed and mildly amused. 888 mindblowingly crazy traits and fanatical supporters make for an interesting experience. In just a few short hours of addictive conversation, I’m now an Egg Dweller, too. Larval Burster - here I come! However, if I start posting photoshopped Gandalfpillars, please take away my keys.

I cannot contain my excitement for Santiago Uceda’s CryptoMonster Lab! I spent at least an hour over the weekend watching him draw live on air. The quality of product and level of detail is truly amazing. We have unparalleled access to our favorite artists and communities. I won’t drop too much alpha here, but ethberries and pet squirrels? Seriously, what is everyone doing with their time if not hanging out in the lab?

It may be too good to be true, but Gandy points are now given away like candy in the Friday Night Trivia. I wonder if the festivities will continue this week? I look forward to seeing everyone there and I hope we have another party soon!


The Ether Cards community is growing very rapidly and expanding across several platforms and projects. In less than six months, our members have engaged and supported numerous partnerships. Thanks to this wonderful fellowship, members from other communities in turn have joined to support Ether Cards. As our members and artists continue to blaze paths across the NFT world, we appreciate your efforts and share in your joy!

Another week of the fantasy football competition organized by @savetheanimals is now complete. As always, @woodneto provides the weekly recap, and it's available on the 0xfiles.com supporter website by @Thundersonic. 100% community work!

Thank you, @woodneto, for the new community Blog post on the EtherCards website. He did the artist spotlight, introducing Zsolt Kosa, the creator of EtherHeads. Please check out his new YouTube video for Ether Cards NFTs: Introduction and Buyer's Guide!

Also, we are so thankful to @chasemurder.eth and @melbo.eth for inspiring the Halloween competition. Twitter is ablaze with talented members and their scary creations. There is still time to participate! Create your Halloween Ether Card using one of your Card art and share it on Twitter and use the hashtag #EtherCardsSpooky.

If you haven’t already seen some of the talented creations by melbo.eth, please venture over to the discord and behold his latest Toddlerpillar inspired AMA recap creation! It is truly spectacular.

Ether Cards artist, ORDO, has also released a project with benefits for Ether Cards holders. Holding a card in the same wallet allows anyone to mint 2 NFTs and receive 1 free! Please check out his incredible FlemiCollection today.

We want to thank one of our esteemed community members who has contributed some of his crypto towards multiple charities!  We are all so thankful for your kindness and generosity!


Development is fully engaged in multiple aspects of the self-service platform, partnerships and web design. The focus this week:

  • DirtyRobot physical redeem and SpaceForge
  • Steve Aoki Forge
  • Toddlerpillars

Although still under development, the Ether Cards authentication based chat application has grown into a complex software development project with amazing features:

  • Chat interface for users when authenticated including direct and channel messages.
  • Marketplace for buying and selling NFTs dropped by Ether Cards.
  • Frontend design for trading cards.
  • Token-based server authentication.
  • Multiple servers with NFT ownership-based eligibility.
  • Trait-based channel authentication.
  • Marketplace token search based on the aggregator server.
  • Backend Aggregation from blockchain.
  • Fronted Query Maker Interface.
  • Direct message button to the owner of a specific card that appears in the results.
  • Security with secure endpoints for admins and users.

The current focus is on:

  • Implementing a smart contract that can process auctions and NFT sales in Ether.
  • Adding cards as a new collection to our database to store transaction history.
  • Modifying and updating functions.

Next steps are to include welding the marketplace contract, backend and frontend together once everything is tested.

Due to the extreme demand on development, visual updates via AMA may be paused to concentrate on core functionality. Rest assured that our dynamic team is logging heroic efforts!

Trait Council

The Trait Council meetings continue to move forward with big help from development!


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