Weekly Update: Oct 5

Now that the DUST has settled on Ether Cards, what’s next? CryptoPunks, Meebits, Mike Tyson NFTs, DirtyRobot Seasons, Alpha & Founder vaults are just the beginning. Is there something else in the mix? Next stop - Pluto!

Weekly Update: Oct 5

Oh boy, what a week for the Ether Cards community! 27,000,000 DUST tokens were dropped onto all Ether Cards on September 30. OGs received 100,000, Alphas 10,000, and Founders 1,000 DUST. The DUST display counter is located at the top center of every card.

Please take note of the DUST token contract addresses:

DUST Token Contract - 0xe2E109f1b4eaA8915655fE8fDEfC112a34ACc5F0

DUST for CryptoPunks allocation contract - 0xCF01E438E6bC82653a65273f215Ae5e5D19B1B33

In order to claim dust, cardholders must connect their wallet via https://explorer.ether.cards/#/wallet. Dust from cards may be collected individually or in bulk to the wallet. The claim function is now available. Terms and conditions apply.

During the Friday AMA Livestream with Ether Cards founder Andras Kristof, the first draft of the DUST tokenomics was revealed. The plan is to make 15-20% of $DUST available for the ecosystem by the end of 2022. Following the release, it will take ten years to get all of the supply into the market. Note that all these details can still change.

Highlights mentioned pertaining to DUST use-cases, basic tokenomics, passive trickling, NFT pools, and bonus rewards.

DUST Utility:

  • Dust may be exchanged for NFTs - including, but not limited to: CryptoPunks, Meebits, Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Corey Van Lew, DirtyRobot Seasons, Ether Cards - Alphas and Founders Cards. Future drops (Mark McKenna, Girls Robots Dragons, etc.) on the platform may also be incorporated into DUST exchange vaults.
  • Dust can be used to reserve NFTs prior to launch.  Reservations may be placed on cards and redeemed at the time of the drop.
  • Powering up future and upgradable traits.
  • Payment for upcoming services on the platform.
  • Paying with DUST may also receive a discount compared with ETH.

Now with that sprinkling of DUST news, it is time to get back to the news. All Ether Cards social media platforms continue to show significant growth. Discord membership continues to smash previous records, with the community just shy of 12,000 members. The total number of Ether Cards ownership is also increasing on a daily basis! Twitter followers and overall engagement is up again, too.


Aside from DUST, the most important news this week concerns one of our greatest partnerships! Over the weekend, Steve Aoki Tweeted about his purchase of OG 99 for 49 ETH. With this unique card, he has now joined the Ether Cards community, authenticating his wallet to enable #cardholders-exclusive Discord channel access. Keep in mind he was at a show while interacting with the Ether Cards community! If you missed him in the Ether Cards discord, please keep an eye out for his next appearance.

Steve Aoki

The newest Steve Aoki DominionX project Forge is open. By combining a Distorted Reality, Finding Serenity, and a Getting Jacked NFT (that still have their Forge Trait) — A Vigilant Eye NFT is unlocked from the Forge. Upon forging, the Distorted Reality NFT will be burned, while both the Finding Serenity and Getting Jacked NFTs will lose the Forge Trait.

To initiate the Forge, simply drag and drop the three NFTs into the boxes and hit the button to get started. Your wallet provider will ask you to approve and then sign a transaction. It’s that easy!


DirtyRobot’s Time Forge is live this week. Let’s see those beautiful new dynamic NFTs posted all over social media! Also, please join DirtyRobot’s discord for all the latest updates on the Seasons NFT collection.


The Ethereans hosted a live stream via discord on Saturday to showcase art for the merchandise. They created two badges to use on physical goodies like hoodies and t-shirts - among other cool stuff.

With the recent addition of a community manager @felirami, the Etherean Universe is growing! To celebrate that growth, they are producing custom animated stickers for the discord channel. These animations will also be airdropped weekly to all the token holders as NFTs through the Polygon Network.

The team has committed to more live streams covering how the assets are made. As requested, they will record the live streams so everyone can watch them at their leisure.

Finally, the team announced starting the preproduction stage for the animated 3D content. They have signed with a rad rigger team that will be preparing the assets for use in animation for the series and the videogames.


Genomes is hiring paid community building roles within their discord.  Please reach out to @markio in the Genomes.io discord - if you have any questions.


It’s been another action-packed week for Ether Cards. With all the news surrounding Steve Aoki and his OG purchase of Maaham.eth’s artwork  - here is another article hot off the press from NFTCulture.com.

Andras also hosted a great Twitch stream on Keeping Your NFTs Secure with Matty@DCLBlogger on Thursday, September 30. Congratulations to Matty and ORDO for the amazing Alpha 914 promotion!

CryptoStache covered how Ether Cards give Ethereum NFTs massive utility during his recent YouTube video on September 30. Enjoy watching and sharing the ultimate NFT utility project everywhere.

Thanks to a Rarity Sniper NFT Integration - Ether Cards rarity check is now available on the Rarity Sniper NFT discord! By entering “!rarity ethercards ID number” into the #rarity-check channels on Rarity Sniper, an aggregate rank score will be generated for the card. Keep in mind that this is a new tool and does not represent the real or perceived value of the card.

Also, check out the special live stream with the Wolf of All Streets @scottmelker and Andras on Wednesday, October 6, at 9 PM EST. Scott and Andras will be discussing the intersection of NFTs and DeFi.

Finally, please stay tuned for a big announcement coming from the marketing team this week!

Mariana’s amused expression slowly turns to boredom. She is now wondering how long it will take me to figure things out. Her clear, all-seeing eyes start to make that slow roll along her perfectly sculpted eyebrows. She desperately searches for some kind of indication that I can still think. I know this because she is telepathic. She doesn’t have to say anything. Her thoughts are still appearing inside my mind.

I ask her politely to please stop thinking so loudly. I intonate with mild embarrassment that I’m normally a slow thinker, too. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the explosion. I like to take my time and consider things.  Nobody likes to be rushed anyway.  Some people hurry their lives away.  Why would anyone not take the time to enjoy everything in life?

It sure is dusty around here now. Maybe that was the point? Gandalf is The Dust Wizard after all. Was this all an elaborate plan to secretly explode DUST onto the community? Why would he do something like that and what does all the DUST have to do with D.A.V.E.?

Mariana probably knows more than she is letting on about D.A.V.E. and DUST. She’s known Gandalf for a long time. Whatever she does know, she sure isn’t letting it escape her mind. Indeed, it must be very important knowledge. I will have to consider this realization.

I begin to retrace my steps in my mind. I joined this community about six months ago. In the beginning there was a lot of excitement. Everything seemed so promising and new. There were diverse thoughts and ideas. Gandalf and Mariana were constantly under siege with questions and suggestions. It is a wonder they got anything done at all.

Evidently, they must not require sleep. Like the developers, they can apparently function over long periods of time without rest. I wonder if they are even human? What if Gandalf and Mariana are from different planets? We don’t really know much about Mars - let alone Pluto. Is there some sort of secret alien alliance? There could be something happening out there that we just don’t know about yet...

Back to the task at hand. During the last several months, the community has grown by leaps and bounds. Gandalf was definitely searching for D.A.V.E. when he opened the double doors and the DUST explosion erupted. Mariana knew that he was up to something and she was also following him. Now Gandalf has disappeared and we are all covered in DUST. What am I missing here?


Congratulations to our newest discord moderator - @Matt808! We are so thankful for your service.

Thank you @thundersonic for continually pushing 0xfiles.com content and updates so quickly to the community.

Shoutout to @keepcalmandwearsneakers.eth for welcoming and representing Ether Cards to the German NFT Zoo Discord community!

Also, thank you @bachan for your French language translation skills!

@Melbo.eth your Ether Cards Twitter banners are an inspiration to us all!

Thanks to @john for his continued assistance with the Discord and bots!

Shoutout to @johnnybullNFT for joining Andras on the AMA Friday! Thank you for all the live stream updates and numerous hours in voice chat educating our community.

Thank you @dazza9 and @cryptocochise.eth for all of your great marketing related contributions!

Most of the Trait Council business happens behind closed doors, but a shoutout to @schoad for updating and organizing content is definitely in order!

@savethedanimals and @woodneto - keep up the good work with the EC Fantasy Football league!

Finally, congratulations to @JL for winning the latest Founder Card giveaway contest!


Let there be DUST! And let’s also Forge more NFTs. We can all talk about it later in super secret chat.

Trait Council

The Trait Council meetings continue to produce results and as more decisions are made - look for the updates to follow soon afterward.


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