Weekly Update: Sep 28

Are your bags packed? Is your Ether Cards gallery available for viewing? Are you set for another action packed week? Get ready for $DUST, CryptoPunks and so much more!

Weekly Update: Sep 28

$DUST, $DUST, and more $DUST! Who will be the first to claim one of the CryptoPunks? Will it be a community-organized DAO or a lucky individual? Only time will tell!

During the latest AMA, the community was sitting on edge following the Zsolt Kosa interview and introductory explainer video. Equipped with his amazing new creator card and legendary samurai sword, Andras slayed the internet using his incredible miming skills! Exhibiting incredible focus and passion for answering community questions - he was unstoppable.

Afterward, in displaying great humility and a kind sense of humor, he announced that the community may join in a voice-over contest for the muted portion of the AMA.

Contest details will be released soon and everyone is encouraged to participate! Bonus points may be awarded for celebrity endorsements and likes.

With momentum picking up speed, all of the social media platforms continue to show significant growth. Discord membership continues to climb to new heights and the total number of Ether Cards ownership is now over 1,530 unique addresses! Twitter followers continue to tick upward daily. The community outreach is growing by leaps and bounds. What’s next?


All the current partnerships are moving forward with the focus on continued development and implementation of features. The biggest news this week (other than $DUST and CryptoPunks) is certainly the upcoming EtherHeads NFT drop by partner Zsolt Kosa!


During the AMA on Friday, Zsolt Kosa announced the release of EtherHeads NFT drop in October for Ether Cards members. The 10,000 unique portraits will consist of ten color palettes with eighteen subcategories including various tiers of rarity. Traits will be predictably distributed throughout the set with earlier purchases receiving higher probability of trait allocation to cards.

There will also be several reward incentives for the Ether Cards community. For each EtherHead sold, one may be redeemed by the community. Also, if an Ether Cards holder purchases an EtherHead, that person may redeem a second EtherHead directly from the purchase. Additionally, Ether Cards holders that do not purchase an EtherHead may also redeem one from the free pool that accumulates cards during the sale. Finally, holding an EtherHead may entitle discounts to future Zsolt Kosa NFTs!


DirtyRobot’s Time Forge will be released on October 5! Please join his discord for the latest inside information and glimpses of beautiful in-progress artwork.

Steve Aoki

Rumor has it that there is a new Forge release very soon!

LaMelo Ball

According to the latest Twitter project update, the following items are expected before LaMelo’s first game on October 20:

Token art will update to include an interactive interface that displays his stats, powered by Chainlink and this interface can/will update over time.

The LaMelo Ball Collectible interface will also include a section to view the traits that each token holds. OpenSea.io interface will also reflect updates.

Five different traits will be released in deployment #1. Traits represent redeemable items, keys to access experiences, art evolves, unique badges, and more. Traits will be revealed in parallel with the interface update, before the '21-'22 season begins.

Raffles and stat-based rewards will trigger the issuance of traits to your tokens. Deployment of the first reward targets will be viewable on LaMelo Ball Collectibles website on 10/19 and will be live on 10/20.

Finally, is $DUST going to be sprinkled on the LBC community?


The Etherean team hosted a great live Twitter space over the weekend to give project updates and answer questions from the community. Congratulations to the two lucky winners of the Etherean NFT giveaway!


The Ether Cards marketing team is hard at work implementing the latest strategies and promotions. The $DUST and CryptoPunks campaign is in high gear with tweets, talks, and advertisements everywhere. The Twitter promotional giveaways are driving more traffic to Discord and new people flood into the chat daily.

Last week, Andras appeared in two excellent videos. The Mint Condition Episode 31: How to Create Your Own NFT Project with Ether Cards and the DeFi Trader piece featuring Ether Cards NFT Project - Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, Dirty Robot & Cryptopunk Giveaway.

In addition to the normal AMA on Friday, Andras will be appearing on the BanklessDAO Crypto Sapiens podcast - episode 2 - on Tuesday, September 28th at 10 am PDT. Please tune in and show your support!

There will also be a dedicated Livestream on Thursday 8pm SGT on Security & NFTs with Matty (DCLBlogger).

Andras revealed an amazing Ether Cards explainer video for community feedback prior to release. The plan is to make and incorporate several brief educational videos for the community. Please share your thoughts - especially if there are certain subjects that you would like to see represented.

As my vision clears, I see Mariana floating effortlessly in front of me. Her perfectly polished boots levitate just above the miscellaneous debris. Only an Oracle of great and supernatural power could maintain an impeccable appearance through that enormous explosion. Of course, the levitation doesn't hurt. Naturally, she has a look of deep concern. Gandalf helped build this community and now he is missing. I surmise that she must have been following him as well. I wonder why?

I’m still in shock as I try to get back to my feet. My shabby beard is singed and my frumpy wizard’s cap is plastered to the ground. I almost fall over when I try to pick it up. It’s covered with dust. My spectacles are broken and my fancy new robes are now riddled with holes from the shrapnel. The wonderful smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies fades away and my stomach growls. A slightly metallic taste gushes from my swollen, bitten tongue.

What happened? That’s a good question. Last I remember, I was following Gandalf - The Dust Wizard through the mysterious and expansive cavern. My mind was already reeling trying to process the vast amounts of information that he sought to silently impart. This community is huge. There are so many people working day and night to keep things going. The EVM network is growing so quickly that even a wizard of his caliber rushes around to keep up.

I mumble to Mariana, “I’m not sure what happened. He was looking for something very specific: D.A.V.E - whatever that means.” With my puffy tongue and numb face - my words sound more like the teacher speaking to the class in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

She giggles. I’m not sure if it is a result of the concussion, but I just realize that Mariana doesn’t speak when she replies. Her voice just appears in my thoughts, “Oh, that is to be expected.”

Now I’m totally confused. This is expected? Wait, is she telepathic, too? Am I the only person in this story without superpowers? What is going on here?


We can’t say enough great things about our community!

Thank you @dazza9 for representing Ether Cards on the recent Twitter spaces hosted by NFTGOD@TopShotFanatic, Josh Ong@Beijingdou, and TheSchiller.eth@steven_schill.

Congratulations to the mighty @Woodneto for his promotion to Moderator of Discord! Your helpful comments and positive attitude is a beacon of light for all community members.

The weekly AMA recaps by @dazza9 on 0xfiles.com continue at lightning speed with the help of @thundersonic.

A great big thank you to @john for his assistance with the Discord giveaway bot!

Kudos to @schoad and @cryptocochise.eth for teaming up to work on a rarity tool solution for the community!

During the last AMA, three lucky winners each took home Founder Cards: @warm and pizza, @Drop and @jannerfish. Welcome aboard!

Thanks to a new custom development feature, future Founder Card giveaways will be picked via ChainLink VRF. That will make reward distribution completely fair and impartial to the community.

There are so many wonderful community contributors - it is nearly impossible to keep up now! We see you all and we appreciate your work. If you would like to help contribute in any way, please reach out to the team in Discord. Thank you everyone for your continued support. We love you all!


The Card Swap and Good Company Traits saw action as soon as they were implemented. Congratulations to all the pioneers of these features and the sweet new cards they brought out of the vault!

This week, most of the development team is working on the $DUST release, collection, and shop.

DirtyRobot’s Time Forge is still in progress and on schedule for release.

Andras hinted at a new top-secret chat application currently under development.

Progress continues on the self-service platform, Battle Royale and Steve Aoki Forge.

Trait Council

The Trait Council continues to push forward progress through numerous combined efforts. The meetings just keep getting better and better as members hit their collective stride. Look for more announcements coming soon!


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