Weekly Update Sep 14

From the hallowed halls of the Trait Council to the Cardholder's Exclusive AMA channel, the news just keeps getting better and better for everyone! #999Punks #CryptoPunks, $DUST, ETH Heads by Zsolt Kosa and more! Much has happened in the last two weeks, so let’s catch up!

Weekly Update Sep 14

September is going to be a month to remember for the Ether Cards community! During the Cardholders Exclusive AMA last Friday, Andras announced 27 CryptoPunks are going to the community along with buckets of dust for all cardholders! The remaining 3 punks will be used for Battle Royale rewards.

What began as hushed whispers has grown into a powerful mantra: 9 CryptoPunks for OGs, 9 for Alphas and 9 for Founders!

By utilizing Ether Cards in-house technology, 27 Punks or approximately $11 million worth of the most valuable NFTs on earth will be distributed fairly and equally to our community members!  However, that’s not all - just the beginning.

To start, the 27 CryptoPunks will be locked into a smart contract dust vault. Each punk represented by 1,000,000 DUST tokens. 27,000,000 DUST tokens will be dropped onto Ether Cards in the following increments:

  • 100,000 per OG
  • 10,000 per Alpha
  • 1,000 per Founder

Using Ether Cards smart contract technology, anyone can redeem a random CryptoPunk for 1,000,000 DUST tokens from the vault.

In addition to the 27 CryptoPunks - 30 Meebits, 25 Mike Tyson NFTs, 50 Alphas and 250 Founders will be allocated separate $DUST vaults to be claimed with tokens. Collect Dust, then pick and choose a reward or team up with friends.

You can view the YouTube announcement or the recent #999Punks blog post for more information on the giveaway.  Additionally, more $DUST information is to be revealed in the coming weeks.


As the Ether Cards ecosystem grows, so does the quality of partnerships and community rewards. In addition to all the phenomenal relationships already in process, more big names are lining up to join the ecosystem.


Ether Cards was instrumental in launching the successful DirtyRobot Art Drop sale on Aug 31. Incredibly, all publicly available blind bags on OpenSea sold out in under 30 minutes!

The unlocking now allows buying and selling on the marketplace so collectors can start finding their missing pieces needed for the Time Forge when it is released. The individual images may be forged to create new Time-based evolving NFTs via the Time Forge.

Now that DirtyRobot main sale has ended - the Summer Final #1 NFT auction is live on OpenSea, ending on September 16th. Good luck to all DirtyRobot fans and collectors!

Mike Tyson

After the massively successful launch of The Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Corey Van Lew, overall OpenSea sales volume has already surpassed 4,700ETH! With 25 Mike Tyson NFTs to be locked into the Tyson $DUST vault - community members have quite a bit to look forward to in rewards!

LaMelo Ball

As a reminder, there are a couple of days left to enter the LaMelo Ball Collectible Gold Evolve Raffle!

Visit the Drop Room - an exclusive destination for LaMelo Ball Collectible token owners to participate in raffles, prediction games, and in-game performance-based events.

Enter to win a Gold Evolve LaMelo Collectible. You must own at least one Red Mars, Blue Neptune or Silver Moon to enter.

Steve Aoki

If you are a Steve Aoki fan, now is a great time to be alive!  Based on the tour pictures flooding social media - the current tour is going exceptionally well. You will soon be able to use a special Aoki Forge to obtain some of the rarest Aoki NFTs!


Social media is ablaze! The hype was real and the results are amazing as all corners of the social media universe chimed in on the public launch of Ethereans!  From Twitter Spaces hosted by @tonyherrera to the numerous organic NFT YouTube influencers - this partnership has wings!

In addition to the early access and discounts for up to 1,000 Ether Cards members, 2 days of presales allowed for very favorable gas rates for all early adopters. The entire 11,000 Ethereans sold out in less than 24 hours during the public sale! Now the real fun begins!

ETH Heads

It doesn’t get any better than another partnership with an incredibly talented artist - Zsolt Kosa! The teasers dropped in discord last week were a nice surprise. Stay tuned for more details!


The marketing team is stepping up the action with more appearances, advertisements and networking opportunities. Social media metrics and engagement continues to rise as more people flow into the ecosystem.

Check out the recent appearances by Andras on: The Ape & Pony Show, NFT Culture, and The Plungefather!

Cross-promotions through partnerships are bringing in significantly more and more people everyday. There are at least a dozen projects in the works.

There is greatly increased activity on Opensea and the Ether Cards Bot on Twitter is lighting up with sales, too!

Ether Cards and DirtyRobot received great news coverage from BTC Manager regarding Time-Based NFTs.

Last but certainly not least, Ether Cards is sponsoring the ETHOnline 2021 Global Hackathon. Ether Cards will award three prizes totaling $12,000 to the top three projects who build an interesting Trait that grows, engages, and monetizes the project's community!

At 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, September 16th - Ether Cards' Senior Blockchain Lead Micky Socaci will be diving into Ether Cards during ETH Global 2021!

The official CryptoPunk announcement and subsequent buzz is already bringing in numerous quality business leads. Please continue to share the good news with all social media outlets. The collective community marketing efforts are paying dividends!


Our community engagement continues to rise across all areas. Thanks to dedicated community members and supporters, Discord is creeping ever close to record numbers of members! The number of unique Ether Cards Hodlers has also increased by 85 in one week.

The team just added a new #EC-FOLLOWS-ECS channel to the Discord for members to network and help coordinate with social media initiatives. Please post your Twitter handles there, so we can connect with our community!

Regarding the Etherean Invasion, our very own community member and supporter - @johnnybullNFT held a marathon 2 hour live stream to cover the sales finale and another stream to showcase the reveal earlier this week!

Great work continues on 0xfiles.com thanks to @thundersonic and @dazza9! @bachan does an amazing job with the French-translations channel in discord! Thank you @savethedanimals for taking on the new fantasy football league. Shoutout to all our new members and supporters - you are all the heart and soul of our community!

Across the road from the 0x workshop and deep underground, I let myself out of the elevator after dropping down below the surface of the construction site. It’s dark - almost too dark to see. Walking very carefully down the narrow passageway, there are some faint flickering lights in the distance.  I hear a low hum. My eyebrows twitch. The hair on my beard stands on end. Is that static electricity or something else?

There are definitely a large group of people down here working hard! As I come to the end of the passageway, an incredibly large and expansive town full of machinery is operating at what seems to be full capacity. So this is what it takes to keep the community above ground running smoothly!

At the far end of this cavern, I see a sign "D.A.V.E.". I know where I'm heading now...


Currently, our technology wizards continue planning and implementing new functionality for the DirtyRobot NFT Collection. The majority of this programming centers around releasing the Time Forge, preparing the auction, and full implementation of the Time-based NFTs.

The Self-Service Platform continues to progress well as it takes shape leading up to its release!


  • The card swap function will go live today or tomorrow!
  • Dust programing redemption is in progress.
  • This week we have the finals for the Battle Royale Test Tournament!
  • Work continues on a generic system that will be used to redeem physical items.
  • More updates are coming to the Ether Cards website.
  • The Self-Service Platform continues to progress well.
  • Finally, the CryptoPunks distribution website is also coming this week!

After a long pause in Opensea sales royalties, the team has reinstated a 4% fee moving forward. Hopefully everyone took advantage of the discount to scoop up some deals!

The Ether Cards technology and development is an ongoing and never-ending process full of anticipation and excitement. We look forward to sharing more dynamic updates in the next weekly AMA on Friday!

The main focus of the team has shifted towards launching Dust, the Punk distribution mechanisms, and more active Traits so that the community can reap the benefits of holding Ether Cards. September is promising to be one of the biggest months in Ether Cards history!

Trait Council

The first two calls with the Trait Council were very productive! The current focus is on priority implementation and hammering out specific details with some of the more challenging traits. Every Wednesday, the council members convene to address all relevant issues.


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