Weekly Update

These weekly updates are a window into what's happening behind the scenes at Ether Cards. Together with the AMAs conducted by Ether Cards founder and CEO Andras Kristof, these updates will provide a comprehensive digest of new features and developments.

Weekly Update

Weekly Update - May 25th

This week's update includes information on:

  1. Traits
  2. New Website & Features
  3. Two Ether Cards Platforms
  4. Dust
  5. OpenSea Integration
  6. NFTx
  7. New Partnerships
  8. Community Activity


The first wave of Traits have rolled out to all Ether Cards. There will be at least 2 more waves of Traits in the coming weeks.

The current wave consists of Random Edition Traits. These are Traits that primarily give one-time benefits and are burnt upon use. Also included are slots for the second wave of Traits and entry tickets for the Cryptopunk and Royalty Battles Royale. The second wave, Limited Edition Traits, will primarily give lifetime benefits. Cardholders will be able to select the desired Trait for each of the Limited Edition Trait slots on their cards. Skill Trees will enable cardholders to evolve their Limited Edition Traits.

This first wave includes Traits contributed by community members during the first Trait creation contest. The winners of this contest are listed at the end of this post. Winners each receive a Founder card with a "Trait Master" Trait.

New waves of Traits will be released on a rolling basis.  

New Website, Platforms, & Features

The new Ether Cards website will host the Ether Cards community and will include:

  • A wallet for viewing and managing cards
  • An interactive Explorer that is searchable by card type, artist, layers and card ID#
  • Artist pages for each featured artist
  • Traits pages detailing the functionality and conditions for each Trait
  • A Trading Post to purchase EC-related items such as Mystery Boxes
  • A Magic Dust page
  • A Skill Tree for evolving Limited Edition Traits
  • An Ether Card marketplace for buying, selling and trading Ether Cards

The release of website features will follow a continuous deployment model where new features are deployed individually as soon as testing is complete. Since the first partnerships will require site features to be live by mid/late June, this serves as a guideline for the release date of the platform.

Trait Pages

A new feature on the platform, Trait Pages, provides descriptions of each Trait’s functionality and terms. In the near future, the Trait Pages will also include a forum where community members can ask questions about how the Traits work. These questions and their answers will be compiled into an FAQ, and new information will be integrated into the Trait descriptions. A leaderboard will also be implemented where community members can post Trait ideas and vote on favorites.

You can also explore Trait statistics on the website 0xfiles created by community member @thundersonic as well as in a table created by @schoad.

Trading Post

A Trading Post is proposed for the platform in the future where cardholders will be able to spend their Dust on Mystery Boxes, Traits, and other features. The Trading Post would enable both Ether Cards holders as well as partners to exchange Traits as a form of “meta-NFT”. Functionality is being considered to transfer Traits between cards as well.


All cards have the option of doing 1 Reroll that removes the current Random Edition Traits and gives a new set of Traits. The chances of getting Traits during the Re-roll are the same as during the initial distribution, i.e. chances are based on the card type (Founder, Alpha, OG). Cardholders who wish to use the Re-roll function on a card must do so before utilizing any of the card's Traits.

Since Re-roll uses Chainlink to generate random distributions, there is an associated fee. Currently on Chainlink mainnet, the fee is relatively high. Once Ether Cards are up and running on Matic, this fee will be reduced to a few cents.

The plan is to activate Trait functionalities on a rolling basis. Reroll is the next to be activated.


The Forge is now live. The first implementation of the Forge is to combine the layered accidental artworks on First Edition Ether Cards. You can read more about this unique form of artwork here and view the layers on every card with the Explorer here. With the Forge, you can choose layers from two cards and create a single customized layered artwork. In order to do so, you must sacrifice one of the cards – unless you use the Forge Protector Trait. Cards with all 5 layers by a single artist, or “Perfects,” are some of the most rare.

As announced in the latest AMA, there are plans to provide special utility and unique advantages for “Perfects” in the near future.

The Forge is planned to grow into a tool that can also combine Traits from multiple cards. Partner projects will also be able to use the Forge to combine cards from the collections they create in order to enable creative interactions.

EtherCards’ Two Platforms

The EtherCards site will support two platforms:

  • Events Platform
  • Business Platform

The Events Platform will allow anyone to easily set up raffles, puzzles, blind bags, and other gamification events.

The Business Platform enables projects to easily create and launch customized card collections with dynamic Traits. The sales page on this platform showcases all current collections, allowing users to purchase NFTs in these partner sales. Ether Cards community members will receive exclusive promotional benefits for participating projects.


The team is currently structuring the Dust mechanism. While the exact technical implementation is not yet confirmed, planned ways to earn Dust include

- Collecting on Ether Cards

- Participating in EC events

- Using EC Card tools

- Random airdrops

- Rewards for set actions

- Destroying or handing back unneeded items

- Referral bounties

- Rewarding community efforts

Dust is designed to be an in-game currency as well as an underlying asset to connect all aspects of the EtherCards ecosystem. Ether Cards are intended to function as accounts that hold all ecosystem-relevant items. They will allow users to trade features, upgrade account levels, unlock new bonuses, access events, platforms, sales, merch, communication streams and manage ownership of other assets.

Please note that Dust is still in development and its implementation is not yet confirmed. The team is currently finalizing the design.  


Integrations have been completed to make Traits and layers visible directly on OpenSea. Users will be able to click and open Trait buttons and flip cards (Alphas and OGs) to view the artworks on the back. Further integrations will make it possible to actually use the Traits and other functions directly on OpenSea.


There is currently an NFTx pool for Ether Cards that includes First Edition cards from the vault. When NFTx launches its Layer 2 solution, Ether Cards will be one of the first pools to roll out with the new functionalities. On NFTx L2, users will be able to select specific cards from the pool.

New Partnerships

The EtherCards team is currently negotiating multiple partnerships with a range of clients, including several world-renowned brands. The first partnerships to be confirmed is Superchief Gallery and the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art. We’ll give more details shortly on the unique ways these partners are using the platform’s tools. EtherCards has also begun a strategic partnership with Vesto, connecting traditional banks to the crypto ecosystem. These complement EtherCards’ partnerships with Chainlink, which provides integrations of Verifiable Random Function (VRF) as well as connections with real-world actions and items, Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT), as well as a working relationship with NFTx.

Community Contributions

We would like to recognize and thank the following community members for their truly inspiring contributions:

@thundersonic#0564: for the site 0xfiles

@john#9474 for the EtherCards Gallery and the Discord bot

@DrEthereum#2906 for the Dune analytics dashboard

@schoad#4767: for creative data mining and spreadsheets

@Johnny (No Forge) Bull for the EtherCards Youtube series

@moonfarm#1138 for the EtherCards Builder

@itsjerryokolo for the open API subgraph of the EtherCards contract

Trait contest winners:

@Sonic for Fluid

@mrbrownwhale for Selective Layer Reroll

@booyah2 for Swap

@SaArbitrage for Golden Goose

@OrdoUniverse for Redeem and Merch

@Eskalexia for Unstable and True Name

@PipsquEECS for Warp Rabbit and Synthesis Ritual

@scropiomoon for Gravity

@Empath Acrobat for New Commons

@ramaraje for Glittery

@Thechampkid for 1 Up

@Alvaro for Good Company

@linehacker for New Fan


Although it is necessary to include this disclaimer,  we will always do our absolute best to make every one of these features possible. This is new technology and new legal territory; it is important for us to have the ability to adapt and change as this project progresses.

EtherCards makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information in any posts. Any assumptions, opinions, and details expressed in any Ether Cards blog or community posts constitute EtherCards’ judgment as of the date thereof and are subject to change without notice. Any projections or claims contained in the information are based on a number of assumptions including, but not limited to market conditions and the current status of Ether Cards, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

Ether Cards does not accept any liability for any direct, consequential, or other loss arising from reliance on the contents of the information in this post.