Weekly Update June 13

Things are moving so quickly, we’ve no doubt it can be hard to keep up! LaMelo’s sale is still going strong and there's a lot of other exciting progress. This update includes information on the first phase of our Superchief partnership, the future of the platform, Dust, and Community Awards.

Weekly Update June 13


We have quite a few new partnerships coming up, and a lot of work this week went into building the architecture that they’ll need for their projects. Since we’ve signed non-disclosure agreements, we can’t release details for most of these partnerships yet, but the official announcements will be rolling out in the coming weeks. ‌‌

The second phase of the LaMelo Ball project, the auction of Gold Evolve NFT #1, is coming up on June 17 at 7pm PST on lameloball.io. Playground decided to postpone the auction by one week to build traction, and their efforts are turning out well. Almost all of the 6,000 Red Mars cards are sold out, and new people are joining the LaMelo community on Discord every day. LaMelo’s cards are also being featured in  Pranksy's latest NFT Boxes drop, Reflections. Check out Pranksy's post about the collaboration. Our partnership with LaMelo and Playground is also bringing a lot of new people into the Ether Cards community, and we’d like to give them a warm welcome. ‌‌‌‌


The next partnership to go live is Superchief Gallery. In March, Superchief opened the world’s first physical dedicated NFT gallery space. Superchief’s partnership with Ether Cards makes it the world’s first gallery to launch an exhibition of physical artwork that can be purchased via NFTs. Superchief’s exhibition Untethered // Unlockable, which opened June 12, features NFTs by Ether Cards that have a “Redeem” Trait. The combined value of the artworks in this exhibition is estimated at around $10,000,000 (USD). The NFTs that Ether Cards is providing represent a consignment agreement between the buyer and Superchief Gallery. The owner of the NFT can activate the “Redeem” Trait to claim the physical artwork. If a collector chooses to hold the NFT without claiming the artwork, they can sell the artwork on any major NFT marketplace. This paves the way for a new form of art collecting that unites the traditional art market with the blockchain space.


Traits on Chain

We are in the process of putting all Trait data on the blockchain. Whenever there is any interaction with a Trait, such as acquiring, activating or burning a Trait, it will be recorded on the blockchain. The metadata will follow the state of the blockchain as the ultimate source of truth. This will make it possible to deploy and implement new waves of Traits and to make new Trait-related features available for partners.

Platform as a Service

Having Traits on-chain brings Ether Cards closer to its platform-as-a-service release. Streamlined interfaces will enable the user to issue their own Trait system, layer art, Explorer, wallet, and other features. An individual artist might choose to launch a collection with custom Traits, while a larger project might choose to use the full suite of services. All of the features will be available with templates, drag-and-drop modules and eventually, a credit card-enabled payment system.


Dust has received legal approval and some of the details are ready to announce. Dust will be an ERC-20 token that is dropped on all First Edition Ether Cards. Every card will collect a set amount of Dust each day, and Dust will also be awarded for performing certain actions on the platform. There will be a clear distinction in the value of Founders, Alphas and OGs when it comes to the Dust ecosystem. Cardholders will be able to use Dust to level up their cards, acquire Traits and use many features of the Ether Cards ecosystem. As a glue that connects all of the different parts of the ecosystem, Dust will open up many new possibilities. We'll be able to announce more details soon.

Card Claim Contract

Dave Appleton, our Senior Smart Contract Developer, is working on a smart contract that will enable users to claim random cards from the vault by type. The user will have access to a particular card type (Founders, Alphas or OGs) and the contract will use Chainlink’s VRF (verifiable random function) to ensure the selection is completely random. This will enable Alpha and OG Upgrade Traits and other features.

Community Awards

We'll be contacting Community Awards recipients individually on Discord. Please check your inbox for a message from Mariana!

Each month, we will distribute Community Awards to community members who have made valuable contributions to the Ether Cards ecosystem.

All awarded cards will be selected at random by the Ether Cards team. Terms and conditions will apply. As the Ether Cards project expands, awards may change and may not always occur as Founder Cards.‌‌

Please visit the Ether Cards blog to see past weekly updates, partnership announcements and other great news. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌


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