Your ticket to early adopter status is here: the Ether.Cards presale

Your ticket to early adopter status is here: the Ether.Cards presale

In our last post, I wrote about how the NFT space is an uniquely exciting one to inhabit right now. I went as far as comparing early cryptoartists to creative Satoshis.

As an immediate demonstration of their potential, NFTs then went on to have one of their most buzz-worthy weeks on record. A host of dominos fell in the perfect order.

A well-known crypto advocate, billionaire and TV celebrity wasn't shy in letting everyone know he's buying in. And no, it wasn't Elon.

Forbes shouted to the mainstream world of conventional investors that they were missing out on another Bitcoin phenomenon.

And, cherry on top, one of the most prominent auction houses in the world introduced NFTs sales as part of their offering... and ETH payments!

That can hardly make people feel 'early' on non-fungible tokens. A hint of FOMO might even be floating about. But don't fret, and catch your breath. You're here in time for the next train, you just haven't looked at the right platform yet.

The trend you're ready to surf is that of Ether.Cards: the community-driven gamification platform that will revolutionise added value applications for the NFT sector.

Our pre-sale is launching today, and the first two collections of Ether.Cards have already flown off our virtual shelves.

While our pre-sale stock of the coveted OG cards and Alpha collection cards, made up of 23 and 230 items respectively, is already sold out, there's plenty more to come.

You can still bag any one of the Common collection cards, of which 2300 were made available through our advance sale. They come at a cost of 0.5 ETH each and a maximum cart size of 50 cards per customer.

Once you've completed your order through our portal, you'll be contacted through your Discord username and provided with a payment link. This will also give you the opportunity to review our important legal terms and, right after, receive your cards.

Fear not, though. If your eyes were set on the OG or Alpha/Beta collections, you haven't missed out yet. While we're really proud of our pre-sale offering, which was scheduled with a view to rewarding early supporters of the project, the best is yet to come.

When our wider public sale opens on March 4th, 2021 a total of 9990 EtherCards will be released. These will be picked from all the available collections, meaning you'll be able to get your hands on OG and Alpha cards, as well as the Common pool we discussed.

Prices will rise based as the launch sale progresses, with OG cards rising to 50ETH maximum from their initial 5ETH price. Alpha cards, in turn, will range 2.5-25ETH and Common cards will start at 0.1ETH and not rise past 4.2 ETH.
With such a complete offering, accessible at all price points, there really is no excuse to miss this train. Next stop: the future of smart contract-based gamification.